Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Grey Hen's Well

What and Where?

The Grey Hen's Well is in the Highlands of Scotland. It is an old disused roadside well with a modern stone around it. A nearby plaque bears the legend 'The Grey Hen's Well Erected by the Duke of Portland 1934.' The Grey Hen's Well with its brown fence is clearly visible on Google Earth, Street View on the seaward side of the A9 between Helmsdale and Berriedale, where the transmission lines cross the road near the Badbea parking access. 

This is my first blog. I plan over the next few weeks to tell some fascinating myths and legends of the Grey Hen's Well - who was the Grey Hen and what was she doing there? Later I will use the Grey Hen's Well as a place from where I can draw many other stories of the nearby district, including Badbea and Ousdale. I will tell stories of some of the old inhabitants, Clearance stories, and describe my own visits there (one slightly spooky - you can be the judge) in search of my ancestor's dwelling places. They drew water from the well. 

The Grey Hen's Well

The plaque for the Grey Hen's Well

Badbea is on the bottom left hand edge on the coast.

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