Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Witches: Rambling Recollections of my School & School Days – Part B

Article IV written by Alexander Gunn was printed in the Northern Ensign on 14 October 1880 – Part B

Halloween by MacGeorge W 


"In my school days the belief in witches was as common as the belief in fairies, and many a time our hair was made to stand on end listening to wonderful and frightful witch-stories."

"An evil eye cast upon us would subject us to pain and trouble all our days, which would not be very long, should the spell not be mercifully broken." 

"The “freit” would be taken out of the milk of our cows, which rendered it unfit for use for man or beast and rings of ivy were bound about the bodies of the cows as an antidote against witch-craft."

My Comments:

Alexander Gunn talks in other articles about the devout Christian upbringing he had and the strict observance of the Bible teachings in his and other Badbea homes  – yet along side those beliefs, the ancient beliefs in magic and witchcraft persisted just as they did all over Scotland.

“Freit” is a superstitious observance, omen or idea.

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