William Sutherland: Born Ausdale, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland about 1746. Died Badbea about 1810.
          William's first wife Christian Finlayson: Born unknown date probably in Latheron parish. Died Badbea           before 1797.
          William's second wife Katherine Sutherland: Born Golsary, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 28             Jan 1761, Died about 1810 Badbea,

David Sutherland: Born Badbea, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 1770. Died Rumsdale, Halkirk Paish, Caithness, Scotland 18 Sep 1854.

John Badbea Sutherland: Born Ausdale, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 15 Oct 1785. Died Badbea 30 Aug 1864.

Christian (aka Christina) Sutherland: Born Badbea Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland about 1798. Died Rangag 8 July 1872

John McLeod: Born Farr, Sutherland, Scotland about 1795. Died Rangag 16 May 1869.


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  2. Interested in this site as my maternal ancestors come from Caithness...Mackays and Gunns. Janet Gunn and William Mackay are my great great great great grandparents. The story of Janet and her betrothed Alastair was told to me by my great uncle who was a keen genealogist.

    Nice site.

    Best wishes

    Liz Hughes

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your message. I am pleased you are both familiar with a connected to the story of Alastair and Janet. Thats really cool. I find it interesting that all the articles that Alexander Gunn published seem to be verifiable in some way. He had a remarkable memory for detail. Best regards Farr

  3. A very interesting site.

    I have ancestors who originate from Berriedale.

    Adam Sutherland b 1778 Badinsary, Berriedale, Latheron, Caithness, d 1865 Badinsary married Catherine Sutherland (born Sutherland) of Balnabruich, Dunbeath 1790–1840.

    Their children were all born in Berriedale:
    John Sutherland (b 1816 - ? ) no information
    Catherine Sutherland (b 1821 - ?) Catherine is with the family in the 1841 census. No record of her being baptised has been found. She may have been the wife of a John Sutherland (1817) but there is no record of their marriage in Latheron Parish. Of all 6 Catherine Sutherland’s who married in Latheron parish between 1841 and 1851, it is more likely that she was the one (born in Berriedale according to the marriage record and the 1851 census) who married on 2 Feb 1849 in Berriedale to John Begg, born abt. 1813 in Gower, Caithness. They had a daughter Janet Begg there in 1849. However, by 1861 John Begg was living in Tarbat, Ross and Cromarty with a new wife Catherine (born 1836 in Tarbat), their son Henry Begg (born 1860 in Tarbat) and with Janet Begg( born 1849 in Berriedale). Janet had left her father and was living in Fife by 1871.
    Robert Sutherland (1823–1895) - He does not appear in any of the family census and unable to find a birth record however he emigrated to NZ married Elizabeth (Eliza) Ross of Berriedale, daughter of William Ross and Helen Gunn and sister to Donald & John Gunn. John Ross named his property “Lanswell” in NZ.

    Adam Sutherland (1824-1870, my 2nd great grandfather) emigrated to NZ with brother Robert on the Rajah ship in 1853.

    Christina Sutherland (1826-1903) emigrated to New Zealand with brother Donald on the Ben Lomond ship in 1863. She never married.

    Donald Sutherland (1828-1918) - never married and lived with is sister Christina.

    William Sutherland (1833-1895) emigrated to NZ in 1856 on the Strathmore ship with his new wife, Catherine Millar of Berriedale, daughter of John Millar & Janet Sutherland.

    Adam Sutherland b 1778 in Badinsary was the son of a William Sutherland b abt. 1740 in Stemster, Latheronwheel and Catherine Sutherland b abt. 1745 in Dallrangogg, Latheronwheel. Only one likely marriage with those names is one on 4 May 1767 in Latheron Parish. But I have yet to establish just where either of them came from, although the names of Stemster and Dallrangogg are mentioned in the marriage record and there are more than one place with those names. No baptism or death records for either can be identified. Adam probably had several siblings but they need to be identified from the many possibilities.

    It is highly likely that our ancestors crossed paths.

    1. Hi Michelle, Just a quick comment - I think the place you refer to as Dallrangogg is Dall of Rangag - which is on most of the old maps. Below is a reference for a map that has Dall and Loch Rangag and Stemster. I can send a screen print direct to your email if you have trouble finding the map.

      National Library of Scotland

      Caithness, Sheet XXVIII (includes: Latheron; Watten)
      Survey date: 1871 Publication date: 1877

      Keyword search
      Maps home > Ordnance Survey > Six-inch 1st edition, 1843-1882

  4. Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comments. Yes I am sure your ancestors and mine knew each other. Where do you live now. I am in New Zealand. I will spend time and go thru your list of ancestors and the ships they came to NZ on in case I have any further information for you. Its high summer here and thus school holidays so I have grandchildren visiting so it may be a week or so till I have time to do some research. In the meantime best wishes and thanks for your post

  5. I came across this site while looking for info on Alexander Gunn MD. He was born in 1845 at Lybster in Caithness, Scotland, where his parents Robert and Christina Gunn kept a hotel. (He is mentioned in Wikipedia) He is the great grandfather of a friend of mine Carole Stewart so l found this all very interesting.

    1. Hello,
      Glad you found this blog interesting. Lybster is, of course, very close to Badbea where most of my article refer to, so the conditions etc will be very similar. Alexander Gunn is a fairly common name so researching it takes a bit of extra care. Regards

  6. Thank you for your replies. I would be most grateful for any light you can shed on my ancestors.

  7. Hello again Michelle,

    Good to hear from you. I am a story teller rather than a genealogist so, apart from my own archives I only have access to the same Scottish records as you do. I'll certainly let you know if I find anything new or relevant. Best regards.