William Sutherland: Born Ausdale, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland about 1746. Died Badbea about 1810.
          William's first wife Christian Finlayson: Born unknown date probably in Latheron parish. Died Badbea           before 1797.
          William's second wife Katherine Sutherland: Born Golsary, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 28             Jan 1761, Died about 1810 Badbea,

David Sutherland: Born Badbea, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 1770. Died Rumsdale, Halkirk Paish, Caithness, Scotland 18 Sep 1854.

John Badbea Sutherland: Born Ausdale, Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland 15 Oct 1785. Died Badbea 30 Aug 1864.

Christian (aka Christina) Sutherland: Born Badbea Latheron Parish, Caithness, Scotland about 1798. Died Rangag 8 July 1872

John McLeod: Born Farr, Sutherland, Scotland about 1795. Died Rangag 16 May 1869.


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  2. Interested in this site as my maternal ancestors come from Caithness...Mackays and Gunns. Janet Gunn and William Mackay are my great great great great grandparents. The story of Janet and her betrothed Alastair was told to me by my great uncle who was a keen genealogist.

    Nice site.

    Best wishes

    Liz Hughes

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your message. I am pleased you are both familiar with a connected to the story of Alastair and Janet. Thats really cool. I find it interesting that all the articles that Alexander Gunn published seem to be verifiable in some way. He had a remarkable memory for detail. Best regards Farr